Wedding Car Ideas

Three Eccentric Wedding Car Ideas

Cinderella would never be perfect without her pumpkin carriage, and even though we’re living in a real world and modern times when there were no such carriages, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have the perfect celebration like what the ones in fairy tales. This is day is magical itself, but let’s make it more extraordinary. This article is for the soon to be newly- weds, or for every person who wants to arrive at their wedding venue in a unique but sophisticated way.

Vintage Cars

Where there are people who prefer the modern type of car we have today, there are still numerous individuals out there that can’t get over the old times. Come to think of it, you may feel a lot of emotions if you used this car before saying I do. It feels like you’re living and breathing the air of the 1930s. The vintage cars are somehow popular as wedding cars. These cars will transform brides into the late and classy times.

Horse and Carriage

Who doesn’t fall in love in fairy tale’s love stories? If you are a fan of the classic and magical stories, then this is perfect for you. It’s like living in your own enchanted world. If you once dream of being a princess riding on a horse and carriage, then you may fulfil it on your wedding day. Wedding cars are not limited to those ordinary types; this fairy-like concept is one of the top lists.

Volkswagen Golf Car

The groom can have a say too! If you and your partner are both sporty then maybe this is perfect for you. If you are in Australia, there are plenty of different kinds of these wedding cars, it is perfect for those who play and enjoy golf. If one day you went out to play golf and see a golf cart, I strongly believed that there’s no way you forget what happens on your wedding day.

The purpose of having wedding cars is not just to get there, but to make you feel that you are the most important person on this day. This is your day, that’s why whatever you wanted to achieve may happen and can happen. They offer different selection, but whatever it is, the comfort, style and your own happiness are on the top of their list. Happy Wedding!