Things To Do In Maroochydore

Tired of visiting the usual tourist spots in Australia? Why not try going to a few unknown, yet more exciting places in the country?

Whilst many travellers focus only at visiting the major destinations in the country such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, only a few have ventured to set their foot on the more elusive places in the country. Australia has a huge landmass peppered with many cities, most of which are rarely heard by foreigners. If you want variety and love to see more of this country, experienced tourists recommend you try visiting these spots.

One of the country’s rarely mentioned cities is Maroochydore. Located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, this small city with a population of only around 45,000, offers the best that Australia can offer with fewer people and fanfare. Facing the Pacific Ocean to the east, it is bordered by wonderful beaches that offer numerous sea adventures. It also houses many spots for relaxation and recreation.

Excited to go there? Before you book for accommodation Maroochydore, here are a few of the famous tourist spots in the area:

Maroochydore Beach – As a coastal urban centre, what else would you expect than a relaxing view of the sea. If you are exhausted by overpopulated beaches that wear you down instead of making you revitalised, this is the place to be. Though not as breathtaking as other beaches in the country, you can be assured of peace and quality time to reflect, meditate, unwind and recharge whilst swimming and enjoying the calming sound of the sea. You can book an accommodation in Maroochydore near the beach to make the most of your stay in this lesser-known Australian city.

Scenic flight adventures – Want to know how stunning Maroochydore is from above? You can do this by embarking in a 30- to 60-minute Sunshine Coast adventure flight. Board in a plane and fly high over the majestic views of the city and the rest of Sunshine Coast. For a more engaging adventure, you can also try riding a seaplane to view the many wonders of Maroochydore.