Solo Long Trip

Things to Do Before You Roll Out Your Solo Long Trip

Sometimes we need to embark on long trips whether they are just for leisure or for serious business. The drudgery and boredom that we experience while travelling for long distance on our vehicle can make our ride a forgettable experience, much more if you are driving alone. So, how can you survive days-long cross-country trips without losing your sanity? Here are some tips from experts:

Prepare your vehicle – You need to make sure your car is in perfect shape during your long-distance ride. Sure, accidents may happen at any moment. But you need to be prepared in case you encounter them.

Preparation often starts days before your actual trip. You should check the condition of your engine, steering wheels, tires, and your air-conditioning system. If they have defects, have them fixed or replaced. You may even need to get replacement car keys from an automobile locksmith to make sure you a spare key in case you are locked out of your car.

Make a plan

In your days of travel, you need to take the important plans before you start your wheels rolling. You need to map out the stopovers to spend your night and reserve the motel rooms where you will be staying for the night. Sleeping in a vehicle is very dangerous. You must find places for lodging as well as for eating and personal needs. You may also need to check if there are nearby automobile locksmiths to get replacement car keys.

Use navigation devices and maps

You need these things to avoid getting lost. You can download apps for navigation or buy devices such as Garmin GPS. You should also bring a printed map or atlas in case the power of your smartphones ran out.

Take a 2-3 days’ worth of food and water

There are areas where you can’t find groceries or markets or restaurants to eat. You need to bring canned foods and dozens bottled water to avoid dehydration and relieve your hunger in these places. High energy foods such as proteins and carbs are the best for your trip.