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Things to Do when Your Air Conditioning is Malfunctioning

If you are a homeowner, you surely know how important AC units in our home. However, no matter how durable it is and even though it was designed to last for years, you will still experience problems especially after some years. With that, we listed the thing you can do when it happens:
  • Make sure to check the breaker
Your air conditioner may not be properly working because of this. The reason may be because there are too many appliances connected to just one breaker. If that is the case, your AC may also be affected. Limit the fixtures you used on a breaker to save you from frustrations and cost.

  • Examine the thermostat

If the unit you are using is being operated by batteries, then it helps if you will check the batteries and replace it with a new set. Moreover, it is also important to set your thermostat below room temperature. This is to make sure that it is right, as leaving it to fan or off may affect your fixture preventing to give you the temperature you desire.

  • Change the filter

It is a must that you change filters on a regular basis. If it is clogged or dirty, it may cause you a lot of problems. Your AC unit should always be properly maintained as filters can cause your unit not to operate.

  • Melt ice

Turn off your system and run the fan, or just let the ice melt on its own. If too much ice is building up, there may be other problems that needed to get solved immediately.

When all these failed, there’s no better way to fix your air conditioner than opting for an air conditioning service. Not only it will be immediately restored but you can also save money as you can prevent creating more damage.