Services to Look for in Experienced Painting Contractors

Painting your home for a renovation and makeover can be a dreadful task, especially if you have no idea on the services that are needed to be accomplish. Fortunately, there are painters that offer an extensive line of services for bringing back the beauty of houses. These contractors have the following service:

  • Interior painting – Find a company that can paint the interiors from one part such as hallways, stairways and window frames to doing a complete repaint of your overall interiors.
  • Exterior painting – Just like painting your interiors, the contractor should offer a wide range of painting job of the exterior walls, timber floors, windows, roof, and other parts.
  • Plastering and rendering – A repainting task is perfect for repairing holes and other damages in your wall. You must seek the help of companies that provide plastering and rendering services for an overall finishing of your walls.
  • Carpentry – Another service that is a welcome addition to any painting company. It completes the design overhaul of the interior of the house. Their services span from adding new skirting boards, replacing rotten weatherboards and much more.
  • Roof restoration – Fixing your rusty or damaged roofing can be a great service whilst carrying out painting job on your roof. Brisbane painters with knowledge in doing some basic repair work is a great value-added service for your home.
  • Lead removal – Keeping your house safe from toxic materials, such as lead, is a great added service that can be offered by any painting Brisbane company. Apart from being dangerous to your health, the chemicals can be hazardous to the environment.
  • Epoxy flooring – The term “complete overall painting service” can even mean applying epoxy to the flooring of your home. This will give your floors an impressive, shiny finish.
  • Polished concrete – Some companies not only provide an epoxy coat on your wooden floors, they even give your concrete floors a glossy finish.
  • Custom printed wallpaper – There are times when wallpapers suit better than paint. Some contractors know whether it’s best to apply paint or wallpaper.
  • Window tinting – Windows also need some coating, tinting that is. Some painting contractors also offer window glass tinting.

Leading experienced companies with exceptional customer service and empathy to their customers like Signature Painters offer this full suite of services. Most of them offer free consultation and quote to customers