Industrial Deafness

Protect Your Self Against Industrial Deafness

Overexposure to noise in the workplace can lead to a permanent hearing loss. To avoid damaging your ears, here are the seven things employers can do.

Wear Ear Protections

Exposure to intense sounds could result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. If you are working in a mining, factory, engineering and construction industry, you must wear ear plugs or ear muffs for protection.

Avoid Smoking

Yes, smoking might affect your ears. Nicotine and carbon monoxide can deplete oxygen levels limiting the flow of oxygen to the body including the ears. If you are smoking, get you blood sugar levels and ears checked.

Never Put Anything inside your Ear Canal

Many of us use cotton swabs when cleaning, but it is important to first ask your doctors for safer cleaning materials. These sticks can push the wax further creating an uncomfortable build-up.

Wear Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are workers who listen to music to drown out the sound of the background noise but, instead of making more damage because of the music’s high volume, you can wear noise cancelling headphones. These block out the sounds which can be made by engine or machines.

Replace Equipment

Outdated machine and equipment create more sounds and vibration that the new does. If you want to reduce the noise in your office, purchase new and quieter materials.

Avoid Loud Environments after Work

If it’s impossible to avoid the noise in your work, then it’s important to stay away from loud places after your shift. Give your ears time to rest.

By following these tips, you can prevent hearing loss. However, if you are suspecting that you have hearing problems and it’s not your fault, you are entitled to hearing compensation. Villari Lawyers will explain the details and industrial deafness compensation amounts so call them immediately.