Installing Plantation Shutters

Process Of Installing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are great for you if you want to upgrade your home by starting with your windows. They can fit into any type of windows; they can be for large or small windows. Also, they are very stylish; they come in different colours and can be painted. This type of shutters are also practical, as they help lower your electrical consumption. They insulate heat well during the winter, and keep the room cool during the summer. They are also affordable compared to other window furnishings option. And with proper care they also last a lifetime. So if you are planning to improve your home, this are great for you. And if you are planning to install it by yourself, here is a quick guide on how to.

What you need in installing:

• drill with 1/4” drill bit
• Engineer’s level
• pencil
• Steel Tape
• standard shutter kit (measured to fit your windows)

The step by step installation of Plantation Shutters:

1. Measure the length and width of the windows that you want to be installed with plantation shutters.

Make sure that your steel tape is standardised. Also, make sure it carefully, everything should be measured properly, even the slightest mistake can make a difference. Take down notes of your measurements, and label them, so they won’t get mixed up.

2. Use filler strips.

Use filler strips to determine the lay out, as they are good templates and to be used as lay out. At the front edge of your window frame, hold up one of the filler strips, and level it using the engineer’s level. Label the screw holes using the pencil and using a drill with 1/4” bit, drill holes for the screws.

3. Measure the shutters.

Measure the shutters according to the measurement of your windows. Label each shutter for each so you won’t get them mixed up.

4. Attach the filler strips.

Once you have inserted the screws through the shutter frame, slide the filler strips onto them.

5. Mount the shutters on the windows.

While holding the shutters, align the screws on the holes that you have drilled. When you are done aligning all the screws, slowly screw them in place.

6. Align and adjust.

Check whether everything is in place. And if something is misaligned, align them and adjust. After everything is in place, put the screw plugs to cover the screw holes.

7. Mark hardware placement.

Using a pencil, mark halfway down on the shutters for laying out the hardware. On the mark, place the level so you can easily draw a horizontal line on each side of the shutter frame.

8. Measure and drill holes

Measure two lines that intersect on each of the door frame. And on those intersections, drill holes.

9. Attach everything and test the shutters.

Screw everything in, and close and open the shutters to test if they are working properly.

But if you are busy or you don’t have any idea how to, it is best to seek help and leave the task on professionals. The plantation shutter installers from istyleshutters are the best in providing this service. They have well-trained staff and the proper equipment to help you install your window treatments.