Training Video Production

What You Need To Know About Training Video Production

Promotional video production is an effective way of giving information to trainees in a form of a video services instead of the usual visual aids, power point presentation and anything of the same. This is getting more effectiveness, due to the fact that people tend to grasp things easily if information is presented in a more visualized manner.

Nevertheless, you are to achieve 3 essential keys as you use training video production:


Teaching them of procedures necessary for them to perform their jobs, it can be a new process or anything of the same.


Informing the trainees of different information that they need to know in terms of different processes and procedures. Giving them a clearer explanation of the reasons and the possible result of the change or the ongoing process per se.

Improve performance

As a result of the training, this should be able to improve and enhance the overall performance of those who participated in the training session.

Gauge the success of training video production

For you to know whether or not the session has made the impact that you are looking for, you can gauge it through the means of:

The impact to the participants

•    Hearing employees discussing and talking about the training they attended. This is a good way to assess whether or not the training has left a mark to the participants, as their interest stands even after the training is over.

•    They are adjusting and working towards the new process and was able to follow it correctly. The change may not be drastic, especially if they are coming from a process they follow for quite a long time, slow improvements at least is a good indication that the training that was made is effective.

The impact to overall production

•    A lesser error would be observed. You can assess the effectiveness of the training video production through the number of errors or back jobs. At first, you may see few returns, it is normal especially that they are following a new process, but should be lessened as the day passes.

•    You are getting improvements on the turnaround or results. Not to say huge or sudden improvement, little by little, one by one, as long as there is an improvement margin, you are in good side, it would surely be a plus factor or bonus if you are getting a faster turn around of improvements, though.

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