Fun Activities In Subic Bay

Fun Activities In Subic Bay

Subic Bay is highly known as a prime vacation spot for both tourists and locals. The place is always crowded during the summer and long weekends. The primary reason for that is there are so many things to do in Subic Bay. In fact, one week there is not enough because of the many fun activities you can do.

Visit Zoobic Safari

Animal lovers will love Zoobic Safari – the country’s only animal-themed amusement park. You can get up close and personal with Tigers through the Tiger Safari where you’ll be in a caged vehicle and explore the animal’s habitat. There are a lot of animals there as well. The park is full of animals you’d never thought you’d see in the country including camels, ostriches and miniature horses.

Experience Tree Top Adventure Park

If you’ve always wanted to be a superhero, the closest thing you’ll get to that is experiencing the rides of Tree Top Adventure Park. The most famous is the Superman Ride which is a zip line type ride where you’re suspended horizontally instead of vertically.

The only thing left to do after finding out all the cool stuff to do at Subic Bay would be to call this place home. There are a lot of prime properties at reasonable prices in the area. You can make your pick depending on which tourist spot you’d prefer to be close to. Of course, you also need to take a lot of things into consideration like the size of the property. If you think you’ll have a big family soon, you should buy a big house. There’s no shortage of that in Subic Bay with many high-end villages containing big properties.

If you’re tired of the traffic in the city, you’ll be glad to know there’s barely any of that in Subic Bay. There’s indeed no worse feeling than being stuck in the middle of EDSA during rush hour. You’ll think you could have done a lot of productive things instead of sitting there and waiting. Subic Bay is the perfect place to start a family.