Spare Car Key

Why Everyone Needs a Spare Car Key

We pay less attention to our car keys, not until it’s been lost or stolen. So many people never considered for an extra copy unless the situation calls for it. Here are more reasons why you always need a spare key for your car.

Prevent Accidental Lockouts

Having a spare key will help car owners avoid car lockouts. Getting locked out of your car brings frustration especially if you’re away from home. To avoid this,  get an extra key with you or give it to your immediate family member.

Aside from misplaced keys, a broken key can also be one of the reasons of car lockouts. Though it’s not usual that we broke a key, it could possibly occur. If you are using your keys for a long time, look out for minor cracks as it indicates wear off.

Save Time & Money

When we lose our keys, the first thing we do is to find it. Little did we know that it almost eats our time. To prevent delay in your schedule, seek the help of  best automotive locksmith.

Having a spare key will save you time when you are in hurry. When you are late, the worse thing that could happen is to roam around your house because you can’t start your car. How much more if you don’t have any idea where to begin looking for your keys? If you’ve lost it and you have no spare in reach, chances are your car will be towed (if you are away from home). Obviously, you need to spend money for the service not to mention the fine you need to pay.


Lost keys imposed a big threat to security. For instance, if you’ve lost in a bar or any social gathering, are you sure that the person who found it isn’t interested in your car? Aside from getting an extra copy, you might also consider the need to get your locks re-keyed to avoid any mishaps.