Types Of Office Furniture

Different Types Of Office Furniture

Every company has different needs, thus their needs of office furniture vary.  But every office needs furniture to be used for sitting, a chair perhaps that has space large enough that they can work on it, and furniture used to store documents and records. There are many beautiful and good quality of office furniture in New South Whales Australia. Each type of furniture is essential and has different uses.

General types of Office Furniture:

• Desk

There are usually two types of a desk: the executive desk and the work desk. Both types of desks are mainly used for the purpose of doing most office work, like writing, typing, examining, recording, etc. Though the executive and work desks have the same purpose, they are different in terms of who uses them.

The work desk is sometimes called the work bench, where clerical work is done. Usually, work desks are used by clerks or secretaries. The executive desk is almost always used by the people that hold a high position in the company. Executive desks are crafted for its look, and not for the function, and mostly are specifically designed for the user. The executive desk is usually used to impress visitors, to depict organisation and power.

• Table

Usually, tables are used for holding meetings or conferences. They are also where most workers entertain their visitors. Though in some instances, tables are also used as work desks, and sometimes are fitted with drawers to be used for storing papers.

• Chair

A chair is the crucial part of an office, for this is where people will be sitting for long hours. It is the important type of office furniture. It is almost always paired with desks and tables. It is advisable that the chair is comfortable, ensuring the safety and health of the worker. Most chairs have height adjustment feature, to be better accommodate the person sitting on it.

• Filing cabinet

The filing cabinet is used for storing documents and records. The most usual filing cabinet is the steel filing cabinet. They are safer and more durable.

• Bookshelf

A bookshelf is used for keeping your books organised. This is where reference books to be used are put in.

• Hardware

Hardware includes the computer, printer, scanner, paper shredder and photocopying machine. The computer is vital to any office, as it is where most office work is done. It is where you can easily access the Internet, for research and to communicate.

All of these types are essentially needed in the office. They should be on your ‘must have’ list of purchasing office furniture. Do check the office furniture Sydney when planning to shop.  Remember that they are always needed in your day to day activities in the office.