Mobile Car Detailing Service

A Checklist On What To Demand In Mobile Car Detailing Service

Nowadays, mobile is the new norm. To cope with our fast-paced world, we need to innovate our services. From traditional business models where work is done mostly in a particular site, many service companies adopt the mobile set-up wherein specialists are sent to preferred place of clients.

More and more car care service companies follow this trend. They were able to come up with many services done outside their office such as mobile car detailing.


While mobile services such as mobile car detailing could be a blessing, but it is not free from problems. Some companies deliver less than the industry standard, making consumers get inferior service.

So what now are the services you must get from mobile car detailing Brisbane? Here is our list of the tasks that your mobile servicemen should provide:

Car washing

The car detailing process starts with cleaning your car with soap and water. Most car wash personnel use the two-bucket washing method to avoid scratching the paint.


Using a blower in drying your car should be a part of the service rendered by them. This process minimises scratches and swirls, which your car can get when it is dried by wiping.


Claying your car using clay bar and lubricant clear away surface contaminants that washing alone cannot do.


Your service provider should remove clay residue by either wiping or washing your car again.


At this stage they would check if your car paint needs correction or removal of swirls. They might even use Xenonor LED lamp to do this process.


Once your car finish is free of imperfections, they will start polishing the exterior.

Adding paint protection

They will apply with wax or a synthetic paint sealant to protect the paint.

Cleaning the interiors

Your servicemen will then clean the dashboard and upholstery using vacuum and shampoo carpet.

Fabric treatment

They might also treat the carpet, mat and upholstery with stain guard for better protection.

Wheels cleaning

They would remove the wheels and clean them using dedicated wheel cleaning solution and by applying synthetic sealer.

Glass treatment

They will treat windows, headlights, and taillights with non-abrasive sealant and solution that will add UV protection.

Final checking of details

Finally, they will clean the hidden and less exposed parts of your car such as door jambs, and areas around the hood and trunk.

Always check your mobile car detailing service provider carries out all the items on the checklist above to make sure your car needs the cleanliness and grooming it deserves.