Sports Tourism

Why Australia Is Great For Sports Tourism

Australia is a country gifted with a large tract of land and a vast outback. The country is blessed with countless natural treasures and a people that love to explore their very wide habitat.

This desire to discover and experience their country-continent makes Australia an ideal nation for having a healthy sports regimen. It is no wonder that observers from other countries see Australians as a nation good at sports.

And this shows in major global sporting events. With only a country of 22.5 million people, it has been constantly placing itself within the top five of the medals table in the Olympics, alongside countries with more population than theirs. In other major sporting events, the country has also been dominating in international rugby and cricket leagues.

Aside from having the luxury of exploring their beautiful outback, Aussies are great in sports because it is a mode of expression and because of strong federal backing.

Sport as a mode of expression – In an interview with Euronews, Professor Hans Westerbeek, the country uses sports to identify itself.For years, physical activities have been a major cultural factor in their daily living.

Strong support from the government – Aussies’ passion for physical games is clearly reflected in the strong political backing in this activity. The federal government, as well as state governments, allocates a huge fraction of its yearly budget to sports development. It has one of the most advanced programme in the world. It is actively engaging in scientific studies for scouting the next phenoms in different sporting events such as swimming, rugby, cycling, running and rowing.

Aussies’ penchant for physical activities makes them an ideal place for sports tourism. This country has many sporting venues and events to visit and engage in. Many of them are in Sydney, the country’s premier city. The city hosted the Olympics in 2000, making it a favourable spot in sports tourism. It is also the home of ANZ Stadium, AllPhones Arena, Dunc Gray Velodrome and Lidcombe Oval and Velodrome and other sporting venues.

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