Promotional Video

5 Essential Qualities of a Promotional Video

In a study conducted by KissMetrics, they found out that almost 64% users are more likely to purchase a product or service after they watch a video representation of a brand. No wonder why this is becoming a famous trend in online marketing. However, having a video alone doesn’t guarantee success, there are still things you need to consider. Here are some:

Good Script

If you have noticed, the ads that became famous before have one thing in common – a good storyline. That’s why it makes sense to spend time in creating your script. Moreover, be clear with the message, and be careful with the tone that you are going to use.


Music affects the mood of the audience. So, it is important that before you choose a soundtrack, you fully understand the emotion you want to create. The sound also must depend on your target audience. For example, if the promotional videos are meant for busy professionals, choose a subtle and formal tone. If you are targeting younger generations, go for an upbeat sound. You can check out promotional video production company for more ideas.

Keep it Short

The longer it runs, the more people you lose. So, keep it short and simple. In the first eight seconds, you must already capture the attention of your audience. The standard length for videos is two to three minutes. This is long enough to make your crowd be interested in your product.

High Resolution

If you have a great story is but the video pixelated, your viewers won’t be interested in watching it. Having a high-resolution video doesn’t just mean you need to use an expensive camera. The lighting and editing play a part too. So, even though you are making a video for your website, make sure that you use the quality equipment, or else, it won’t yield good results that may create a negative impression about your brand.


Nobody wants to watch a video with no entertainment value. So, whether you are offering a complicated product, you must still think of a way to create an ad that viewers will be entertained. Some ways to do that are using animation and graphics.